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An innovation-centric development studio that spans multiple platforms, emphasizing creativity and technology, and internal Multiplayer server tech that works on any software platform with Unity or Unreal.

Training Manual

Our studio rapid prototypes and designs engaging and immersive software products to cultivate the best user experience possible. We create a variety of visual styles for design, UI/UX,  and users testing in both pre-production and post-production development. Our team practices agile development that has been put to test and successfully proven on multiple platforms.


SpiderMonk developers have diverse backgrounds with rich experiences in action, adventure, FPS, RTS, and 3rd person styles of game play and a variety of non-game software projects.



Included are only a few examples of past work and

Company overview.


Experienced team members titles from studios:

Assassins Creed Series

Tales from the Borderlands

Fallout Series

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Guitar Hero Series



 Far Cry

Road kill


Hired Guns


Duke Nukem

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