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Winter Fury: Longest Road’s Tank Commander Mode changes the game entirely immersing yourself in the boots of tank operators and seeing through their eyes is both humbling and intense.

Saddle up in a World War II-era experimental M-4 Sherman tank and take the fight to the Axis. The brand-new first-person Tank Commander mode allows players to experience tank combat from the inside of the M-4 cockpit. Fend off both enemy armor and infantry while peeking out of the hatch to monitor threats coming from all sides. Clash with the Third Reich with devastating cannon shells and .50 caliber machinegun fire.


For a more personal touch, exit the tank entirely for ground battles. Get hands-on with historical armaments including Tommy guns, BARs, American Bazookas, and ever-reliable grenades. Line up precise pot-shots with the sniper rifle for long-distance engagements. Whittle the opposition down one-by-one as they desperately try to hold back the Allies’ advance to each new flagged checkpoint.


Sow freedom throughout the countryside in The Longest Road mode. Assume the gunner position and take aim at enemies coming from all directions as the tank automatically moves from checkpoint to checkpoint. Available at launch, a new periscope option allows players to step back into the tank to shell out destruction while the tank escorts players between objectives.


Formidable foes with rehauled AI are capable of flanking and taking cover across the countryside and through war-torn cityscapes. Witness the wake of devastation left by the M-4’s arsenal with satisfyingly destructible environments.  Encounter colossal bosses including Tiger Tanks, attack planes and even coastal destroyer ships and triumph over each mounting threat the German forces deploy.


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